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Team|ReZ a FPS gaming clan mainly playing the Battlefield franchise. Rezurrection has been around for quite some years , stretching back to the days of Gran Turismo and early console games  back in the 90's. Things really started getting serious during the days of Battlefield 2142 when the main body of members started to arrive and join. Team ReZ has had its up's and downs and losses and wins over the years. ReZ has been top of the Enemy Down Ladder for BF2142, top of the MW2 domination ladder on clanbase. 

From the launch of BF4 ReZ has once again risen from the ashes and grown again to be one of the most feared Teams on the public Battlefield. Our members stretch from all parts of the globe , we have members from United Kingdom, America, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Poland and Russia . Our members are also very high ranked in the BF4 world & Respected country's leaderboards many being no1.

Team ReZ are now back in action on the eSports scene , taking part in the ESL 5v5 EU Domination ladder , and every 2 weeks in the Razer sponsored  ESL UK cup. We have tough times ahead of us to get where we want to be on the competitive scene, but our resolve has never been stronger and once again ReZ will rise to be at the top of thier game and every gamer shall know what is coming when they see the tags of the mighty ReZ.

ReZ News
17th Mar 2014 · 0 Comments

 TeaM|ReZ eSport shoot up to 5th place in the ESL A-Series 

 TeaM|ReZ-Couga gets a new mouse mat.

 TeaM|ReZ loose to WisDOM eSports in there 1st ESL ladder match.

 ReZ finish 3rd in the ESLUK Razer Cup losing to talkGEEK in the semi-final .

 TeaM|ReZ play and win there 1st clan war in many years, beating the Swedish team "Nailed" 2 Rounds to Nil. 

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